Arsenal Invicta Supporters Club

We are a newly established supporters Club, fully registered and officially recognised by Arsenal Football Club. We cover the Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham area within the County of Kent.


“Invicta” is the motto for the County of Kent where we are based with our centre being Canterbury the capital of the county. The Latin translation for Invicata being “Unconquered” which not only relates to how Arsenal Supporters think about their Club but remind us all of the invincible season.

We are proud that Woolwich and Plumstead were both within the County of Kent until 1889 and therefore Arsenal Football Club originated in Kent. The Club was registered to the Kent FA and the London FA.

The Invicta Ground

In 1887 the first pitches that Arsenal played on were Plumstead Common, Sportsman Ground and the Manor Ground which was little more than a bog next to a sewer.

In 1890 the first proper Stadium we played in was the “Invicta” Ground with stands, terracing and changing rooms. 1890 defined the entire future of Arsenal!